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Do you...

  • Think about what life would be like if you felt hopeful and confident?

  • Wish you had the tools to move beyond old patterns for good?

  • Yearn for better relationships with friends, family and partners?

  • Dream about getting better sleep so you have energy for the people you love and the projects that you’re passionate about?

  • Just want to be happy?

Recovery and Wellness Virtual Retreat—LIVE

At your wit's end?

You've tried everything and nothing has helped. 

We've worked with thousands of families. Our Recovery and Wellness Virtual Retreat is designed to help you overcome your struggles in the comfort and safety of your home.

Where the medical system, therapy, even family tell you to get over it - just do it, we'll explain, "It's not your fault."

Neuroscience has taught us when you experience trauma—physical or emotional— the nervous system reacts, often creating imbalances in your brain. These imbalances can lead you to self-destructive behaviors as you seek relief from the pain and trauma.

Your brain controls everything you think, feel, and do. It’s your bio-computer.

When your brain is working properly, you thrive. When your brain isn’t working properly, every day becomes a struggle, even chaotic.

The one thing every professional agrees on is that your 'brain drives behavior.'

We don't do steps. We do science. 

One of the greatest scientific findings of the past 20 years has been neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to change and adapt. The good news? You're not stuck with what you have.

Actualized Recovery® is a brain-first therapy and wellness protocol. Our innovative and highly personalized program is delivered LIVE, setting you on the path to happiness and wellbeing. 

And that's what Emergo's LIVE Virtual Retreat is designed to do. 

Because when you change your brain, you change your life.



Brain-first Therapy for Wellbeing

Emergo's brain-first approach to wellbeing leverages the benefits of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis as an essential, and often missed first step in the process of recovery. Our approach includes evidenced-based modalities such as: positive psychology, SMART recovery, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), ANT therapy, nutritional therapy, gratitude, mindfulness, neutraceuticals, sleep hygiene, connections, orthomolecular restoration, trauma attraction and woundology, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and more. Because when your brain works right, you make better choices and you feel great! Actualized Recovery has helped thousands of families. Let us help you rise above.


This program is for you if….

  • You are ready to uncover root causes so you can create a future of wellbeing and promise

  • You’ve tried traditional therapy but it felt like something was missing, and you’re looking for a program that focuses on all the pieces that impact brain health

  • Recovery from home suits your needs right now

  • You want to experience the support and community of likeminded people on a similar journey

  • Medications have not helped

My Dream Came True.

A.K., (Psy.D.), Scottsdale, AZ

"My son completed Emergo's program and my dream came true, he finally has a shot at life! Thanks to Emergo's team and Dave & Susan my son is succeeding in life. He is happy and self-motivated to create a positive life for himself. Emergo helped him in ways doctors and therapists couldn't. I am forever grateful."

Trust Emergo

C.T., Stone Harbor, NJ

“The change was and is all-encompassing. Our daughter (29 years old) is back. Our family is back. Trust Emergo and Dave and Susan—their program is incredible.”

I Love Myself Now

D.B., 46, Ottawa, ON

“Emergo helped me feel like myself again when I was at the lowest point in my life. The program taught me how I can live life in a way that brings unbounded possibilities and a greater love for myself.”

Saved My Life

Santa Monica, CA

"I've tried therapy, counseling, 12-steps, and meds. Nothing helped me long term. Emergo's brain-first approach is amazing! The shame and guilt were gone when I started to learn about the brain. It was a life-saving experience for me."

I Have My Husband Back

M.S. (Pyschologist), Vancouver, BC

"It's been 9-months since my husband completed Emergo's wellness program. We are doing so much better as a family. His sleep is great. His mood swings are all but gone. Focus and memory are exceptional. Emergo's program saved my husband, our marriage and family. I have my husband back. Thank you!"

What does Emergo's Virtual Retreat include?

  • 10 days of immersive & interactive workshops—4 hours/day to gain holistic tools to help you thrive as we explore all the elements of Actualized Recovery and wellbeing

  • An afternoon with our Red Seal chef to learn simple kitchen basics to help you enjoy delicious meals that are great for your brain and body

  • Family Fun Day so your loved ones can be a part of celebrating your progress

  • Evening group sessions where you share and connect with your classmates and a senior Coach

  • Everything is LIVE and highly interactive so you get the most benefit (no pre-recorded sessions)

  • Limited enrolment to ensure personalized coaching, small breakout rooms, and highly tailored program designed for you


A Special Gift For You When You Register

  • Aftercare Coaching

    Two-weeks of aftercare coaching is included. Both private coaching and group coaching sessions are included as part of your program. All designed to support and help you rise above.

  • Holistic Nutritionist

    Join this fun bonus session with a top Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach who will introduce you to a Paleo lifestyle, kitchen basics and a fast pantry makeover. This will be a LIVE event with lots of learning and laughter.

  • Family Coaching

    Your family will have an opportunity to learn and interact with our coaches. Three hours of group family coaching to help your family learn, let go of the past and move forward, supporting your new beginning.

The Best Time to Start Your Recovery Journey is Now

Emergo's LIVE Virtual Retreat is the online recovery and wellness program where men and women gather to rise above. Our brain-first approach to wellness can help you overcome challenges such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, sleep issues, PTSD, and many others. 

It’s not a lack of willpower. It’s about brainpower. And with our personalized approach, you have a chance for a fresh start. 

In just 10 days, we bring you the equivalent of a year of coaching and all the best of our private residential program. Instead of steps, we leverage science to help you get unstuck and move from a place of crisis and fear to a place of calm and possibility. 

Where traditional therapy fails so many, our brain-first approach creates a lasting path to recovery that’s easier and takes less time. And it’s proven to help. 

To ensure tailored programming and best results, spaces are limited. Don’t miss this chance for a new beginning. 

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Executive Director

Dave Kenney

Dave Kenney is the Co-Founder and Executive Director at Emergo Recovery. With over thirty years of experience in human development, Dave co-created Actualized Recovery®, an integrative brain-first approach to lasting recovery and wellbeing. Dave is a PhD candidate at Canterbury University studying psychology and neuroscience. Dave is excited to broaden Emergo Recovery's ability to help more people with Virtual Retreats and Resort Retreats (coming in 2021).

Director of Therapeutic Wellness

Susan Kenney

Susan Kenney is the Co-Founder and Director of Therapeutic Wellness at Emergo Recovery. Susan co-created Actualized Recovery®, an integrative brain-first approach to lasting recovery. Susan is currently studying Functional Medicine at the Kresser Institute, which focuses on uncovering root causes of personal imbalance and dysfunction, empowering clients toward greater wellbeing and happiness. Susan is excited to broaden Emergo Recovery's ability to help more people with Virtual Retreats and Resort Retreats (coming in 2021).


Emergo Radio is the podcast where respected recovery and wellness experts Dave Kenney and Susan Kenney talk to professionals who are changing the way we achieve health, wellbeing and recovery with a brain-first approach to rising above.

Brain-first Approach to Wellbeing

Meet Your Coaches & Learn More


  • What exactly is Actualized Recovery?

    Actualized Recovery is a brain-first therapy and wellness protocol helping you create lasting positive change. Six key factors we explore and support: Neurological, Biological, Psychological, Social, Spiritual, and Lifestyle.

  • Who is this for?

    Any adult (18yrs+) who wants help to overcome self-destructive patterns or choices, or who are stuck in life and want a fresh start.

  • What if I have Anxiety or Depression?

    You will learn a brain-healthy lifestyle to help your brain become more balanced and optimized. Because when we change our brain we change how we feel.

  • What if I have a substance abuse or addiction issue?

    Any addiction (food, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, internet, social media, etc) is a brain issue. People make self-destructive choices as a means to get relief, to self-medicate. Using SMART Recovery, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, and more we will lead you beyond the trauma and pain, to a future filled with possibility and hope.

  • When will this be offered?

    Dates are: Monday, July 20th - Friday July 31st; 11 am (EST) - 3 pm (EST) Monday to Friday. We will offer to special BONUS sessions (optional) on the weekend if you're interested. You will receive more details and reminders by email after you register.

  • How is it delivered?

    To maximize the benefit and learning, this is a highly interactive program. We will use a private Zoom room that is secure by a password. We will send details by email after you register.

  • What do I need to do or bring?

    You will need a good internet connection and preferably a desktop or laptop computer, or a tablet. It is important you are private. Using headphones will make your experience more enjoyable.

  • What is the cost? Are there payment options?

    The cost is $3,500 usd (Save $400). Or you can make six (6) monthly payments of $650 usd. Due to limited enrolment (small class size!) all fees are non-refundable after July 1st.

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    YES. We guarantee our work and that it will be delivered as promised, when promised. Given the nature of our work we can not guarantee a personal result. However, we are committed to our students and if you are not satisfied we will work with you, including offering you enrollment in a future Emergo Virtual Retreat or event. Your commitment is to show up for all learning and participate in a positive engaging way. Lets work together to create lasting positive change in your life!


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Achieving wellbeing isn't one thing. It's everything. With our holisitic, targeted approach to wellness and recovery, you can rise above.